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Date: 14th May 2016
IR Blaster
With a productive ir blaster factory on your service,Website:, Rocfly Blue Electronic Co.,Ltd is one of the famous ir blaster manufacturers and suppliers. We can offer customized and best ir blaster cable, and we are waiting for your contact. Product Introduction: An IR extension cable is a thin cable with an IR emitter(s) on the end. It allows you to emit IR signals to a location that the your remote control or IR repeater system block can t reach. You can position an emitter in otherwise difficult-to-access spaces and work around things like media cabinets, decorations, and so on. ?These small emitters have a self-adhesive pad that allow it to be stuck directly to the IR sensor window of your AV device, or can be used as a flood for multiple devices when properly mounted. Direct connection the device will always provide you the best performance. Product Feature: Passes IR communication: Used with an IR Repeater kit to control a device; Extend remote control ability to any room in the house Sticks directly onto the AV equipment; One emitter on a single plug Adhesive backing allows the emitter to be attached to the IR eye of a device For use with IR extender extension system, Xbox One, IR Connecting Blocks and Home Automation controllers The mini stick-on emitter includes a 10 ft cable between the emitter heads and the mini-plug Allows you to control A/V component by the existing IR controller, such as amplifier, cable box, HD DVR, stereo receiver, Satellite TV receiver, CD player, DVD player, Bluray player or other components which are controlled by IR signal
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